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girls on goals

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[06 Feb 2009|08:22pm]

Figured I would update here on my goals Finally;)

Today I PAID OFF my credit card. Well One of them at least. I have one more I need to get paid off and its current balance is 1,100 I hope to have it paid off in about 6-8 more months. I am totally excited over that. I also have two student loans I would like to get paid off. But, they are both really low so there is no rush.

As for my house goes. I am currently re-financing. I have a 6% mortgage right now and my monthly payments are 1450 a month but I pay about 2,000 so some can go towards principle. With the new mortgage i will have 4.5%. i also cashed in my bond and will be paying my house down to where I will owe 80%. This way I will no longer have to pay private mortgage insurance, which is 250 bucks in that 1450. So after all of this my mortgage is only going to be 600 bucks a month!! I can't wait for that!! I want to get my house paid off SOON!

I am also replacing all of the windows in my house since all of this are pretty much just a sheet of glass put up. Its only costing me 2,000 bucks to replace 15 windows with Low-e grade. One of those windows is 144 inches X 84 inches and everyone was quoting me 1500 to replace that one ALONE! I am also insulating the masonry in my house with foam to help out with the heating and cooling bills. I am also FINALLY getting an Air Conditioner. I have only had a swamp cooler and it sucks. Finally I will be remodeling my guest bathroom since its an old 1950's neon green tile.

How is everyone else going?!
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How is everyone doing on their goals? [05 Jul 2008|09:55pm]

Updates anyone? 

I will look at my goals again this next week and see where I am at.
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[10 May 2008|12:36am]

i lost 15 lbs. the meds i'm on make me not hungry but last week i didn't take them and brian and i pigged out and i gained 4 lbs, but lost them again after a wedding this weekend.
now i'm 258. i hope i continue this. 15 lbs is nothing to me. nothing. just a gallon of ice cream. and if my grandma tells me one more time that i'll be so happy when i'm under 200 again i'll shoot her.

brian got me back into "world of warcraft". so my goal is to clean 1 thing before i play every night. i haven't played int he last 2 nights so that means nothing's clean lol

and i've been smoking cloves like they're going out of style. i need to stop that.

realistic attainable goal for tomorrow? maybe clean car...maybe. it's a pit of dispair. i hate that i destroy everything that's given to me. it was brians car, now it's mine and i have turned it into a trash pit. :(
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One down, possibly ten to go! [04 May 2008|03:58am]

[ mood | okay ]

Well, SATs were today!  I didn't think they were so bad, in all honesty, but I may have guessed on too many...I'm not worrying about it.  I think I did a good job with not stressing out over them, and I was completely calm and collected during all three hours and forty-five minutes.  I'll just have to wait until May 22 to see if my chances at NYU are made or broken. 

My new goal: Create a goal that has nothing to do with testing!  If I can just make it through my AP test this week, I think I may be able to calm down and enjoy the month of May.  Spring is amazing, after all, and while I do want to study for Subject Testing in June, I don't want it to eat up my life.  So I'll start thinking about another goal after Tuesday.  I promise school never ate up this much of my life before all of these tests came along junior year.  It's annoying, but at least I'm not blowing them off or anything.

So next time I post, it WILL have nothing to do with testing.  I hope.

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:( [28 Apr 2008|01:24pm]

I'm not doing well on my "Narnia" goal--I haven't read in weeks.
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New goals [26 Apr 2008|11:18am]

So I had paid of my debt, which is great, but I totally need to save money to get a second car (since we have no bus service here) and a little extra for emergencies.  I also need to work on getting healthy and losing more weight.  I started doing a 10 dance workout in the mornings.  I know 10 min isn't a lot but I can commit to that ;)).  Ideally I need to lose 20lbs before I get pregnant since that is apparently what I can expect to gain being pregnant.  The new goal is this : to be self-reliant.  I don't want to depend on matt's job or his car.  I want to get transportaion so I can get a job and if somthing were to happen I could manage on my own. 
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It isn't this important. [26 Apr 2008|10:10am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Well, I've studied somewhat for the SATs...I bought the Barron's Guide book for both the SATs and my AP Statistics test, which are one week away.  I think I'd be nervous if I weren't so tuckered out by folks telling me that I can't get into New York University.  I found a messageboard, although I'm usually not a fan of them, and all the kids on there are going for NYU, and literally all of them are taking twenty AP classes and scored 2390's on their SATs.  One even said that people like me have no place at a good college.  I hate competition. 

But enough complaining - I guess at this point in time, I ought to be thinking about a new goal to make. 

Goal: Stop worrying my life away about getting into the colleges I want.  I literally feel guilty when I do anything other than study for the SATs or look up colleges, and that's just not my style.  I like having fun, and spring's here, so I ought to be outside enjoying the last few months of being seventeen rather than indoors freaking out about two years from now. 

I'll try posting here more often, too. 

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[24 Apr 2008|12:09pm]

i haven't posted in awhile. i'm down 8 lbs and have taken my medicine most every day. i'm 264. it's hard for me to believe my grandma and mom when they say "o i can't wait to see you when you've lost some" or "you'll be so much happier and more beautiful when you're 180, just wait". When i was 180 they were telling me the same shit. I told my grandma that yesterday and she got all defensive and turned it around to be about her. I told her "If you were 150, and i told you to lose weight and that you'd have prettier legs if you lost weight (she told me that once), and then you got up to 180 and i told you that you'd be so much prettier if you were 150, you wouldn't believe me would you? b/c i told you the same things when you were 150". She didn't seem to get it. another search for validity from parental figures failed. I dont know why we do that to ourselves..or am i the only one.
anywho. i dropped my boy off at my mother in laws house yesterday and i had myself a party on a riding lawn mower! I mowed for 3 hours! I cut our yard, front and back. i cut the old lady's yard beside me. i cut the neighbors whose lawnmower it belonged to and their moms house on the other side of me. I was having a ball! i had my ipod blasting in my ears, a clove cigarette in hand, whippin thru the yards like it was a racecourse! MAN WHAT FUN! really, it was very relaxing to me. altho now i have a sunburn and a blister on my finger. The old lady next door's husband is in the nursing home and 2 of her sons r also in the hospital so no one has come to cut her grass in like 6 months. I've been wanting to do something for her. i think all too often neighbors aren't as neighborly as they once was, and i want to be the sweet neighbor. she's so sweet and old. i can't imagine what it must feel like being all alone after 50 years of being married, knowing your husband is rotting away in a nursing home. She told me not to cut it, but i did anyways. she cried, said i shouldn't have (which i understand, it's only making it more real that her husband isn't there, but that's all she talks about when i talk to her is her grass), and cried some more and thanked me for it. She wanted to pay me but i wouldn't let her. I just asked for some roses off of her HUGE rose bush and she obliged.

SOOOOOOOOOOO i cut the grass yesterday for 3-4 hours, PLANTED a magnolia tree in my yard, WEEDED the juniper beds and came upon a huge fire ant colony under the plastic in my flower bed. I concocted a concoction (hehe) of vinegar, clorox and cayan pepper and poured it all over them. They aren't moving anymore.

now today i'm cleaning the inside of my house, but w/ sam here. it's hard b/c whatever i put up, he gets down and he's seriously frightened of the vaccuum cleaner.

i'm drinking alot more water and even tho the medicine doesn't make me hungry, it's kinda wearing off and i do feel the urge to binge on carbs still. I did on sunday. I probably would've lost more weight these past 2 weeks had i been walking as much as the doc wants me to. i need to work on that.
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geeky goal update [18 Apr 2008|03:08pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Well, I'm still working on the Narnia books. I read the first one pretty quickly and the second one all in one day. :) However, the third one isn't going very fast. It might be b/c I have a library book that I'm also plugging away at. Or, that it's just not as interesting as the other 2. But I will keep on.

And li1yqueen & I did a little job hunting the other day. So at least we're keeping it in the forefront of our minds. To be continued on Tuesday. (the search, not this post. lol)

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GREAT NEWS! [18 Apr 2008|02:59pm]

I just finished paying my bills due this month before the next check.  and I have paid off all credit cards including the one I currently still use :D.  I expect to have a very small interest payment that will pop up on one account next statement date, but other than that....I AM COMPLETELY DEBT FREE!  
At one point we owed about $10,000: not being mastercard's bitch - priceless!
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[09 Apr 2008|12:02pm]

my doctor restricted my diet intake to 1500 calories a day. he suggests 4 meals. 3 300 calorie meals and 1 600 calorie meal. he put me on 1 phentermine each morning and 2 metabolism pills a day. in 1 month he will see me again and i will take phentermine one day, and metabolism pills the next, alternating daily. i'm 100+ lbs overweight and a compulsive overeater. i hope this helps kickstart my weight loss and i hope i stick to it. i know some people say people don't really need pills to lose weight, just enough motivation to exercise and eat right. to them i say, "fart on you". motivation leaves me and a 28 year old habit doesn't just go away w/ a prayer and a wish. yay pills.
unfortunately the pills aren't breastfeeding friendly. i met my goal of breastfeeding for over a year. my almost 14 month old will have to go thru crash weaning this week. he can take it. but can i? o yah, i have to. weight yesterday: 272. highest weight: 282 at 9 months pregnant. lowest weight as an adult? 190 @ age 18. i went down to 255 at 3 months pregnant and was 272 the week i got pregnant. morning sickness, or just the feeling i didn' twant to eat, made me drop 30 lbs almost. but atleast i've hovered around the same number for the last 2 years.
i was gonna say something else but i forget

o yah, i dunno who else is dealing w/ weight loss as a goal, but i always told myself in college "well, if i get to 200 i know that'll make me motivated to lose it." then the number turned into 210, then 230, and i know the number will just keep going up until i'm probably 400 lbs. I just thank God for my health insurance and my doctor. when he told me he wanted me to lose weight, i told him to TELL Me to lose weight. i said, "doctor, you telling me you want me to lose weight isn't going to do anything for me. you have to tell me i NEED to, and if i don't, i'll die". hearing it from him and knowing he and brian expect me to makes it all the better. brian (husband) doesn't expect me to, i know he loves me as i am, but he knows i'd be happier w/ a little less flabby weight on me.
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[07 Apr 2008|01:04pm]

Well I have been meaning to post an update here for a while.  But you who know me know how that goes *wink*.  

A lot has been going on.  I have been purging A TON of stuff.  Now mind you I still have WAY too much crap!  but I am making progress.  Why am I doing this you ask?  Well I want a simple life, a clean looking home.  A place I can be happy and my stuff doesn't run me!  Also since we moved into a completely full house, the floors still need to be redone, and the more crap I eliminate now, the less freaked out I get about moveing everything and doing the floors.  So it is basicly like I am getting ready to move.  The hardest part is figuring out what to do with the stuff of more value that I want to get money out of.  

My husband decided he wants to go back to college (he dropped out) and become a teacher.  Exciting, but we have A LOT to figure out!  Money is the obvious one, but not the one I am most worried about.  I am most worried about figuring out how the ligistics of working and going to school.  He wants to go back full time right away (while working full time), but I am worried he will get burned out.  The problem is we need the health package so he needs to keep working full time.  So we need to look at him switching to days at the least, or getting a whole different job.  I would be happy to help him out working, but I can't be counted on for full-time health benifits because...

We are also planning on getting pregnant.  We set June as the month we are going to start trying.  If we were younger I would postpone this while he gets the job/school thing figured out, but we aren't, and I can't.  As it is the baby clock is ticking so loud I feel like I could explode.  We picked June because we are flying home for my parents anniversary party in Oct. and I figured if we did get pregant right away I could still fly.  Also that has just reaffirmed my desire to purge crap as essentally I will be losing a room to put crap in for the baby's room!  So as you can see, there is a whole lot of uncertainty and new territorry going on here!  It is exciting more than scary.  

On the money frount, we are REALLY close to getting out of debt! :D  which will be GREAT but of course we have vertually no savings and will have to start building that up for medical and a new car.  See I told you there was a lot going on!  

So that is the drama of my life.
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For starters [06 Apr 2008|04:59pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Hi! I see that you all have had this community for several years, but I've got some goals that I'd really like/really need to get working on.  Just to introduce myself a little, my name is Elizabeth, from Pennsylvania, and I'm a seventeen-year-old junior in high school. 

My ultimate goal: get into one (or all) of my top three college choices.  They are 1.) New York University (my way too expensive dream school) 2.) Gettysburg College 3.) John Hopkins University

My immediate goal:

Do well on SATs - This is where I'm in the most trouble.  I'm TERRIBLE at testing when pressure is on, and my previous scores were less than substantial for these three universities.  I'm taking the SAT again on May 3rd, so my goal is to up my score from a 1790 to a 1900.  I will need to study math very hard because I can't remember how to do any of what's on the test.  Everyday after school, I need to work on my algebra and geometry, and I need to set aside time to take the practice test that is offered on collegeboard.com.

That's stupid that so much of your admission into college is based on SAT scores.  Just when I think I have a good shot at getting into NYU, the SATs come and ruin it. 

As a secondary goal, I also need to find out about financial aid early for these schools.  I'm graduating with high debt even if I attend a state school in PA, so I might as well go for a private college.

Well, here's to hoping all our goals work out at some point.  And yes, I'm a bit nerdy, if you haven't noticed.  >_<

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[05 Apr 2008|11:06pm]

i am a SLACKER i tell ya. brian and my diet has been pitiful. we've been cheating hardcore and watching each other do it. bad naughty us.

i finally bought a dress for the wedding tho (my sis-n-law is getting married and having a semi-formal-->formal wedding). it's black and marilyn monroe cut. Vneck, sleeveless and just below the knee. i bought a little shrug to wear over it b/c i hate my big flabby white farmer-tanned arms. i know i'm gonna hate all the pictures b/c i'm at my highest ever weight, but hopefully this will look the best. put my hair up w/ a big flower perhaps. i dyed my hair a few weeks ago so it's dark burgandy brown.

i dont have much else to post. um. there's one unmentionable goal brian and i made and i have succeeded in it for the last week :) :) :). maybe i'll say what it is soon
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[28 Mar 2008|01:36am]

so in 2 weeks we're supposed to both go to the doctor to get weighed and start on some medicine. by then he expects us to lose atleast 2 lbs. doc wants us to walk 5 times a week for no less than half an hour. well, yesterday sam and i walked up to the "lil cricket" convenient store and back, and that was a full hour of walking. today i didn't walk but sam and i went and played at the park for 2 full hours. tomorrow i'm going to the zoo w/ the neighbors. but i've been cheating HARDCORE man. i cannot let any xtra cash be on me b/c i will go directly to burger king, not passing Go and not collecting 200 dollars, but collecting a big #6 w/ mayo only please!!
i can't help it! it feels so good to eat and the taste is to die for!
but anyways

another goal i must do is to actually stick to my schedule i made a long time ago for keeping a clean house. i find nothing more unexciting and horrible than house work. i know i'm not supposed to be happy w/ housework but it reallyg ets me down so much that i'm on Zoloft b/c of it lol jk.
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My Goal [25 Mar 2008|11:41am]


My goal is to get to a weight that I am happy with... I have been on a diet for as long and more then the age of my little girl... I lost allot of weight yes but it was by drinking protein powder and not eatting and exercising 3 + times a day every day...  In England I lost weight because we walked everywhere as we had no car and that is how it is in England..
Now that I have been home as a home Mom and I am now 39 it is harder to lose it...  I am now eatting out of every food group which is laided out and drinking water. I am trying to exercise at least 30 min a day... It is hard right now as I have a bad pinch in my neck  I am unable to do high level...  It bugs me as I feel guilt buy not being able to do more ...  And with this program I can not weigh my self for 4 weeks this is hard. I have 2 more weeks to go..
When I was in England the doctor said it is a sort of eatting disorder. I will not eat high fat or certin foods... It is hard for me to eat 1600 cals a day.. Right now I have to eat 1500 and that is hard Today I am shy of 1250.. I have feel my relationship with food is not to good. And I promised my husband I would not do the protein thing again.
What scares me as my Mom just turned 62 and she is heavy and has a really hard time getting up stairs and she's out of breath bad.. I don't want to be like that at her age. And I lost my Dad 10 years ago from heart disease so I don't eat hydro's or my family if I can help it... 
I am looking into the clean eatthing way of eatting we will see.. 
So my goal is to be able to look in the mirror and not hate what I see!  When i was size 10 I loved it but my family said I looked pale and sick but for me I would be a size 0 as I have never been happy with what I see in the mirror. 
And one thing for me is when you say I hate how my________? are and your husband says you are fine to me ! That drives me up a pole at times!!!!!

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kind of a lame goal [20 Mar 2008|01:04pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, I've had this random/odd goal rolling around in my brain for a few weeks, so I thought I should post about it here so I actually attempt it. Otherwise I will just continue to mull over it and not do anything. Here's the back story: since I was a kid, we've had the complete Chronicles of Narnia series in a cute little box set of paperbacks that are like 1" thick apiece. So, admittedly, it shouldn't be a daunting task to read such a skinny book, or even the series of skinny books, but I've never done it. I haven't attempted to do so in years, but I remember when I was much younger that I tried over and over and over to read the whole series, and never got past the 2nd book...probably didn't even finish reading that one. But I sure did read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe a million times. lol. So here's the goal: I want to read all (how many are there, 8?) books of the series. I suppose I should set a time frame for myself. Maybe before the next movie of the series comes out. I think that's this summer sometime. I barely ever reserve any time for reading these days, so I guess that could be a hand-in-hand goal to accomplish.

Also, the other day I got in the mood to do a little purging. (Why is it that the mood always strikes me after the donation people come by for a pick up? lame.) Anyway, there were some childhood items that I was hanging on to b/c of nostalgic purposes...I have good memories of the items and thought I could keep them for my little ones to use someday. But, honestly, being objective, they aren't in the best shape, and could easily be replaced with similar items. So...I think the same feelings of nostalgia and remembering those happy times can be achieved simply by seeing the pictures I took of the items. :) Taking pictures of items is a GREAT idea...it holds on to the memory, but allows you to free up the space the item took up. Hooray! I was hedging on keeping some of the kiddie books, b/c they are classic stories and I got them from my aunt or grandpa & grandma...but then I thought of taking a picture of them and what was written on the inside ("from Auntie Mary...Xmas 1984" or whatever). And now I have no trouble letting them go. As long as I have the pics, I will be fine with seeing them out the door. And along with that purge came another--my Senior Capstone from NWC. For years (well, since senior year, haha) I've had this folder filled with about 3 inches of paper sitting on my shelf. Draft after draft after draft of my senior project (an instruction manual, for those who care) along with many updated schedules and some other students' work from "peer critiques" (ugh--that was the worst part of college). I've been avoiding going through it for years, but I actually sat down and went through them all. I was going to save just the final copy, but I don't think there actually was one. lol. But I do have it on CD-ROM, so I decided to pitch (well, recycle) the entire folder! Yay me! That was a huge relief to get that giant ugly yellow folder out of here. It was kind of funny to page through, too. Everything on there (it was about computer...stuff) is completely outdated by now. And I'm sure it was like 4 years ago. ha. So I suppose that made it easier to get rid of, too. So YAY for my purge-fest. I haven't done any since then, though. But I thought I'd share my small victory. :)

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[18 Mar 2008|12:18pm]

A friend in her post sort of reminded me of something that has been popping in my mind a lot lately.  I was supposed to be in a firend's wedding this summer.  I wanted to lose some more weight for that.  I had lost some, but have been fairly steady for a while between 170-175 depending on the time of day.  Well I think I would be trying harder but I figured out a few months back that either her wedding is going to get put off again or she is hoping that I forget about her asking me to be a bridesmaid because we aren't as close (mostly because of distance) anymore.  So I am disapointed, I have never been in a wedding, and I lost some motivation and in fact feeling a little hurt I have to make sure I don't start feeling sorry for myself.  (If someone reading this has figured out the friend I am refering to, PLEASE don't say anything.)  Ok so the other side of that was that would be my reason to fly back and see some of my MN friends, which now looks less than likely.  In addition to that my folks are having a wedding anniversary party in my hometown this Oct.  I haven't seem most of these people in 10 years or more.  That would be ackward enough prentending to care about people you hardly know, but on top of that I am embarrised to weigh significantly more than I did the last time they saw me.  I wouldn't expect to be skinny, but it would be nice to lose another 20 or 30 lbs before I saw all those people, especially since I am according to my mother going to be paraded around and expected to shmose with people that my mom  thinks I like.  Can you tell how excited I am about this.  If I want to have any sort of decent time and make the most of my trip I need to feel good about myself.  I realize a lot of thisis unrealistic but I feel like the only way I can make up for- well me, is to lose 30lbs and be knocked up.  Great reason to want to get pregnant then right? 
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[13 Mar 2008|07:42pm]

i went to the doctor 2 days ago w/ a cold, snot and coughing everywhere. I also went for a metabolism check! i found out that my metabolism was below normal (of course, i'm lazy, eat horridly and am overweight!) btu i also found out how many calories my body burns at rest. this way, i got numbers to base my diet and exercise around. I have the number of calories my body burns at rest, how many i burn doing daily things and how many calories i'd need to eat to lose, maintain, and gain.

this week we've cheated some, w/ being sick and everything being up in the air and i haven't been sleeping well (wonderful medication side effect last night was me not sleeping til 5AM!!!) we're back on track. I cooked some zucchini/carrot cakes 2 days ago and made like 30 of them! 1 of them is 60 calories so brian took some to work and i made a salad w/ mine and sam loves them. they're zucchini, carrots, onion, eggs, lil flour, and spices and u make little wee pancakes of them and grill them.

andt he other night i made grilled zucchini w/ chick peas and cous cous and cumin and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it was soooooooooooo freakin good. alot of zucchini this week b/c it was on sale.

i weighed 2 days ago at the doc and i'm 273.

this morning me, sam (my kid), 2 neighbor ladies and their 3 year old and 2 boxers walked 45 minutes to the park, played for an hour, and walked back! boy was i tired, but energetic! even after 3 hrs of sleep. sam loved it and i got sunburned (i hate the sun!!)
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Purging [10 Mar 2008|03:10pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

For the past few weeks (although in some form this process has been going on since I moved into this house) I have been purging belongings.  I got  on this kick and started getting clutter related books from the library for motivation and to give me the extra permission to get rid of stuff.  I have a lot of stuff.  And I moved into my the former home of my grandparents which came fully furnished including all cupboards drawers, closets etc.  After they died we went through SOOOOOOO much of that stuff, but in going through items, it was always if in doubt keep.  Well now I am down to all of that, and it is still way too much.  In some ways it has gotten easier, there is less stuff, so it is less overwhelming (less, it's still overwhelming) and now often easier to seperate the trash from treasure.  That said it is also harder now too.  Harder because much of what is left has already been looked at and decided it has some sort of value, hense it is still here.  I have learned many lessions for the books I am reading about clutter one big one for me is "sure they are memories, but they aren't mine".  It has been exillerating to get rid of so much stuff.  I got boxes and boxes trash out of the attic and got to burn it :D (that was liberating).  I went though a couple years of magazies and recycled them, if I thought I might want to refrence something again (like a recipie) I just tore out the page.  And related to that I started gathering all my lose recipies together to sort and put in a binder so I can actually find them and use them!  I took everything out of the diningroom buffet and sorted and organized it, went through kitchen cupbords and have started to go through the kitchen drawers.  I cleared off my desk organized and purged old files.  cleared out the linens that were in the secritary drawers and went through those.  Found those linens a new more logical home and moved office supplies that were in the bedroom in frount of the secritary.  (they are awaiting orginization and placement in the newely freed drawers.  I found a shelf in the attic that after changing the shelf height might be ideal for our media storage freeing up bookshelf space for some of our still boxed books.  And most receintly I have dumped our bathroom drawers and purchased and placed organizer baskets in them to house items and products we kept.  In the process I started going through my jewelry and have been trying to get rid of stuff I no longer wear.  (still not done with that)  I went through my makeup again, I had done that two other times in the past year I think.  Each time I got rid of a little more.  Truth is I had (and I am sure still do have) too much.  But when you have so much it is more difficult to see what you really do want (and you run out of space on your face to test colors *giggle).  But I have it whittled down quite a bit now :D  I think once Spring hits I will go through what I have left one more time.  It is great now though!  I can open each drawer and see and find exactly what is in there!  everything is easly accessable.  I LOVE IT!  One of the reasons I started sorting jewelry also is because I decided to try and have that in the drawer instead of in a cumbersom box under the sink.  I don't wear different jewelry much because it is such a pain to get out.  And after a few months I will see if "I  would wear if it wasn't a pain to get to it" was the truth or not.  I am not going through stuff in any particular order, in fact my methods are quite haphazard.  But I figure if I think of something I could do without right then I should get that item and put it in the trash or donation bag.  And if I am feeling motivated to work on one thing, I should take advantage of that while the spirit moves me to action.  So that is my update.  Be proud of me, but I need to do more, I still have WAY too much!  And if anyone has any ideas of where/how to sell more valueable items like antique children's toys or antique furnature please let me know.  I have sooo much stuff (all grandparnts) of value that I wnat to get something out of instead of donate but I am not sure how.

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