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For the past few weeks (although in some form this process has been going on since I moved into this house) I have been purging belongings.  I got  on this kick and started getting clutter related books from the library for motivation and to give me the extra permission to get rid of stuff.  I have a lot of stuff.  And I moved into my the former home of my grandparents which came fully furnished including all cupboards drawers, closets etc.  After they died we went through SOOOOOOO much of that stuff, but in going through items, it was always if in doubt keep.  Well now I am down to all of that, and it is still way too much.  In some ways it has gotten easier, there is less stuff, so it is less overwhelming (less, it's still overwhelming) and now often easier to seperate the trash from treasure.  That said it is also harder now too.  Harder because much of what is left has already been looked at and decided it has some sort of value, hense it is still here.  I have learned many lessions for the books I am reading about clutter one big one for me is "sure they are memories, but they aren't mine".  It has been exillerating to get rid of so much stuff.  I got boxes and boxes trash out of the attic and got to burn it :D (that was liberating).  I went though a couple years of magazies and recycled them, if I thought I might want to refrence something again (like a recipie) I just tore out the page.  And related to that I started gathering all my lose recipies together to sort and put in a binder so I can actually find them and use them!  I took everything out of the diningroom buffet and sorted and organized it, went through kitchen cupbords and have started to go through the kitchen drawers.  I cleared off my desk organized and purged old files.  cleared out the linens that were in the secritary drawers and went through those.  Found those linens a new more logical home and moved office supplies that were in the bedroom in frount of the secritary.  (they are awaiting orginization and placement in the newely freed drawers.  I found a shelf in the attic that after changing the shelf height might be ideal for our media storage freeing up bookshelf space for some of our still boxed books.  And most receintly I have dumped our bathroom drawers and purchased and placed organizer baskets in them to house items and products we kept.  In the process I started going through my jewelry and have been trying to get rid of stuff I no longer wear.  (still not done with that)  I went through my makeup again, I had done that two other times in the past year I think.  Each time I got rid of a little more.  Truth is I had (and I am sure still do have) too much.  But when you have so much it is more difficult to see what you really do want (and you run out of space on your face to test colors *giggle).  But I have it whittled down quite a bit now :D  I think once Spring hits I will go through what I have left one more time.  It is great now though!  I can open each drawer and see and find exactly what is in there!  everything is easly accessable.  I LOVE IT!  One of the reasons I started sorting jewelry also is because I decided to try and have that in the drawer instead of in a cumbersom box under the sink.  I don't wear different jewelry much because it is such a pain to get out.  And after a few months I will see if "I  would wear if it wasn't a pain to get to it" was the truth or not.  I am not going through stuff in any particular order, in fact my methods are quite haphazard.  But I figure if I think of something I could do without right then I should get that item and put it in the trash or donation bag.  And if I am feeling motivated to work on one thing, I should take advantage of that while the spirit moves me to action.  So that is my update.  Be proud of me, but I need to do more, I still have WAY too much!  And if anyone has any ideas of where/how to sell more valueable items like antique children's toys or antique furnature please let me know.  I have sooo much stuff (all grandparnts) of value that I wnat to get something out of instead of donate but I am not sure how.

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