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kind of a lame goal

Well, I've had this random/odd goal rolling around in my brain for a few weeks, so I thought I should post about it here so I actually attempt it. Otherwise I will just continue to mull over it and not do anything. Here's the back story: since I was a kid, we've had the complete Chronicles of Narnia series in a cute little box set of paperbacks that are like 1" thick apiece. So, admittedly, it shouldn't be a daunting task to read such a skinny book, or even the series of skinny books, but I've never done it. I haven't attempted to do so in years, but I remember when I was much younger that I tried over and over and over to read the whole series, and never got past the 2nd book...probably didn't even finish reading that one. But I sure did read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe a million times. lol. So here's the goal: I want to read all (how many are there, 8?) books of the series. I suppose I should set a time frame for myself. Maybe before the next movie of the series comes out. I think that's this summer sometime. I barely ever reserve any time for reading these days, so I guess that could be a hand-in-hand goal to accomplish.

Also, the other day I got in the mood to do a little purging. (Why is it that the mood always strikes me after the donation people come by for a pick up? lame.) Anyway, there were some childhood items that I was hanging on to b/c of nostalgic purposes...I have good memories of the items and thought I could keep them for my little ones to use someday. But, honestly, being objective, they aren't in the best shape, and could easily be replaced with similar items. So...I think the same feelings of nostalgia and remembering those happy times can be achieved simply by seeing the pictures I took of the items. :) Taking pictures of items is a GREAT idea...it holds on to the memory, but allows you to free up the space the item took up. Hooray! I was hedging on keeping some of the kiddie books, b/c they are classic stories and I got them from my aunt or grandpa & grandma...but then I thought of taking a picture of them and what was written on the inside ("from Auntie Mary...Xmas 1984" or whatever). And now I have no trouble letting them go. As long as I have the pics, I will be fine with seeing them out the door. And along with that purge came another--my Senior Capstone from NWC. For years (well, since senior year, haha) I've had this folder filled with about 3 inches of paper sitting on my shelf. Draft after draft after draft of my senior project (an instruction manual, for those who care) along with many updated schedules and some other students' work from "peer critiques" (ugh--that was the worst part of college). I've been avoiding going through it for years, but I actually sat down and went through them all. I was going to save just the final copy, but I don't think there actually was one. lol. But I do have it on CD-ROM, so I decided to pitch (well, recycle) the entire folder! Yay me! That was a huge relief to get that giant ugly yellow folder out of here. It was kind of funny to page through, too. Everything on there (it was about computer...stuff) is completely outdated by now. And I'm sure it was like 4 years ago. ha. So I suppose that made it easier to get rid of, too. So YAY for my purge-fest. I haven't done any since then, though. But I thought I'd share my small victory. :)
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