mommiewaters (mommiewaters) wrote in girls_on_goals,

My Goal

My goal is to get to a weight that I am happy with... I have been on a diet for as long and more then the age of my little girl... I lost allot of weight yes but it was by drinking protein powder and not eatting and exercising 3 + times a day every day...  In England I lost weight because we walked everywhere as we had no car and that is how it is in England..
Now that I have been home as a home Mom and I am now 39 it is harder to lose it...  I am now eatting out of every food group which is laided out and drinking water. I am trying to exercise at least 30 min a day... It is hard right now as I have a bad pinch in my neck  I am unable to do high level...  It bugs me as I feel guilt buy not being able to do more ...  And with this program I can not weigh my self for 4 weeks this is hard. I have 2 more weeks to go..
When I was in England the doctor said it is a sort of eatting disorder. I will not eat high fat or certin foods... It is hard for me to eat 1600 cals a day.. Right now I have to eat 1500 and that is hard Today I am shy of 1250.. I have feel my relationship with food is not to good. And I promised my husband I would not do the protein thing again.
What scares me as my Mom just turned 62 and she is heavy and has a really hard time getting up stairs and she's out of breath bad.. I don't want to be like that at her age. And I lost my Dad 10 years ago from heart disease so I don't eat hydro's or my family if I can help it... 
I am looking into the clean eatthing way of eatting we will see.. 
So my goal is to be able to look in the mirror and not hate what I see!  When i was size 10 I loved it but my family said I looked pale and sick but for me I would be a size 0 as I have never been happy with what I see in the mirror. 
And one thing for me is when you say I hate how my________? are and your husband says you are fine to me ! That drives me up a pole at times!!!!!

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