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For starters

Hi! I see that you all have had this community for several years, but I've got some goals that I'd really like/really need to get working on.  Just to introduce myself a little, my name is Elizabeth, from Pennsylvania, and I'm a seventeen-year-old junior in high school. 

My ultimate goal: get into one (or all) of my top three college choices.  They are 1.) New York University (my way too expensive dream school) 2.) Gettysburg College 3.) John Hopkins University

My immediate goal:

Do well on SATs - This is where I'm in the most trouble.  I'm TERRIBLE at testing when pressure is on, and my previous scores were less than substantial for these three universities.  I'm taking the SAT again on May 3rd, so my goal is to up my score from a 1790 to a 1900.  I will need to study math very hard because I can't remember how to do any of what's on the test.  Everyday after school, I need to work on my algebra and geometry, and I need to set aside time to take the practice test that is offered on collegeboard.com.

That's stupid that so much of your admission into college is based on SAT scores.  Just when I think I have a good shot at getting into NYU, the SATs come and ruin it. 

As a secondary goal, I also need to find out about financial aid early for these schools.  I'm graduating with high debt even if I attend a state school in PA, so I might as well go for a private college.

Well, here's to hoping all our goals work out at some point.  And yes, I'm a bit nerdy, if you haven't noticed.  >_<
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