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It isn't this important.

Well, I've studied somewhat for the SATs...I bought the Barron's Guide book for both the SATs and my AP Statistics test, which are one week away.  I think I'd be nervous if I weren't so tuckered out by folks telling me that I can't get into New York University.  I found a messageboard, although I'm usually not a fan of them, and all the kids on there are going for NYU, and literally all of them are taking twenty AP classes and scored 2390's on their SATs.  One even said that people like me have no place at a good college.  I hate competition. 

But enough complaining - I guess at this point in time, I ought to be thinking about a new goal to make. 

Goal: Stop worrying my life away about getting into the colleges I want.  I literally feel guilty when I do anything other than study for the SATs or look up colleges, and that's just not my style.  I like having fun, and spring's here, so I ought to be outside enjoying the last few months of being seventeen rather than indoors freaking out about two years from now. 

I'll try posting here more often, too. 
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