Frog Princess (lillyqueen) wrote in girls_on_goals,
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New goals

So I had paid of my debt, which is great, but I totally need to save money to get a second car (since we have no bus service here) and a little extra for emergencies.  I also need to work on getting healthy and losing more weight.  I started doing a 10 dance workout in the mornings.  I know 10 min isn't a lot but I can commit to that ;)).  Ideally I need to lose 20lbs before I get pregnant since that is apparently what I can expect to gain being pregnant.  The new goal is this : to be self-reliant.  I don't want to depend on matt's job or his car.  I want to get transportaion so I can get a job and if somthing were to happen I could manage on my own. 
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